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The pricing of Search Engine Optimization Services is a complex is not a ‘straight jacket’ issue. It is complex because it will depend on a host of issues. However, that does not mean that you overlook it because you may just be digging your own grave by doing that. Every customer would like to save money while getting incredible outcomes from SEO. Therefore, it is advisable that a client should not always look to save money on SEO because by doing that they will detour from essential issues such as SEO marketing.

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Payment Models of SEO

As we have pointed out, this is not a straightforward situation.  SEO is not that expensive if you consider its potential benefits, which override its potential failures. Therefore, no matter the cost, it is indispensible to your business especially if you are dealing with an online oriented business-as you should. For you to know how much you are supposed to pay for these services, you must first be aware that we have three different pricing models when we talk about the SEO services.

  • Hourly SEO services- It is the most popular model of pricing. The SEO Company or the SEO consultancy is paid a fixed hourly rate by you. This method dictates that you agree on the activities to be performed beforehand and the estimate the hours needed. At the tail end of every month you will be handed a report detailing the actual number of hours worked .You subsequently have to process payment according to the agreement.
  • Monthly retainer- a client pays an amount of fee agreed upon that is commensurate to a range of activities carried out on its behalf by the SEO Company. Because of its ability to offer the greatest rate of interest, this model is the most preferred by businesses.
  • Project based pricing-These are custom projects created exclusively for a business. Therefore, the pricing will obviously vary according to the project. For instance, a regional company decides to hire an SEO agency to assist them with their local internet marketing. The client might decide that the SEO Company creates its social media accounts. The business and the agency decides on the scale of payment. 

SO how much should one spend on SEO services?

If you already know the plans of payment, the thing that follows is your decision regarding  how much you should spend on SEO services. You should follow the following guideline:

  • SEO is an investment-SEO is one of the best investments you will ever make for your business. Its short-term and long -term results will be visible once you start practicing it.
  • The percentage of your profit coming from online marketing-This is essential since it will indicate to you whether you should scale up or down your SEO costs. Obviously, you should spend big on it if you have online customers.
  • Start low and go long term- It is an open secret that SEO takes time to generate sufficient traffic. Therefore, if you have a budget to spend, you have got to take that into consideration.


ONLINE is the name of the game these days, whether it is a small business or a big organization, having online presence is mandatory for all of them in order to remain alive. Gone are the days, when you needed to read the latest news by reading a newspaper or post an invitation letter to your potential clients inviting them to come and visit you to discuss matters of mutual interest. We live in the cyber world today, where everything is happening on the internet; you can buy a pen or look for a diamond ring to gift to your wife.

Online Presence

Internet has revolutionalized the way we do business, the way we communicate with each other, the way we read, the way we think and the way we socialize. With the technological innovations hitting the market every day and gaining huge success, there is an ever growing need to have a vivid online presence.

Advancements in internet technology accompanied with advancements in the telecommunication sector have forced a paradigm shift. With smart phones in the hands of millions of people around the globe all connected through the internet, it take only a great looking website and some strategic marketing to get their attention and sell your products or services. However to get your piece of the cake, you need to have a strong web presence, without that you can just go on dreaming.

Whether you are retailer or whole seller, a student or a teacher, a patient or a doctor, a husband or a wife, married or unmarried, man or women, kid or an elderly, there is something of your interest on the net.

This is where the internet gets all its power from, and this is where you need to concentrate. How to be of any use to all of them and how to get maximum advantage from all of them?

How To Build Your Online Presence Using a Cool Web Tool

Unlike your brick and mortar retail store, your website store remains opened 24 hours a day and seven days a week, without blinking an eye. You never know when a potential customer living in New York hits your website and buys a product, while you are sleeping in your bed. Your online presence also gives your business a wider outreach, so you can enjoy more business and make huge profits.